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Milk Shake Fall Workshop Lior Tavori

15 et 16 janvier 2022

Studio Noces

Infos et contact
E-mail : mshakepjct@gmail.com ou gagainparis@gmail.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mshakepjct
instagram : Milk_Shake_Project


We will have short contemporary warm up and them dive into the world of creation, dealing with our body and soul, sharing our love for movment, dance, passion and some extraordinary groove!

Lio Tavori’s works have received numerous awards in Israel and have been performed on countless stages around the world: China, Italy, Spain, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Georgia, and Taiwan among others. He was recently invited to create a full-length piece for Quorum Ballet in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2021 the Lior Tavori Dance Company will premiere his new work: YOU LOVE IT, in Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel-aviv, Israel.



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Dates Heure de début Heure de fin Studio
15/01/2022 13h 16h Noces
16/01/2022 13h 16h Noces