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Ballet – pour la danse contemporaine

du 10 au 14 février 2020

Studio Biped

This is a challenging and fluid ballet class that explores not only the aesthetics of dance but also the functionality of movement and its origins. The aim is to demystify complicated technicalities and become aware of the chain of responses the body goes through to make movement happen freely and willingly. This class is aimed at Contemporary and other dancers who want to become smarter movers and use ballet classes as a universal training tool for dance.

The Contemporary class of Jens Bjerregaard is based freely on Cunningham, yoga and release technique. The technical work emphasizes flow and solid body awareness – always conscious of creating and understanding connections within the body and beyond. The dancers are challenged to explore their possibilities and go further than their perceived limits. The physical body and the memory are explored equally thus creating a practical awareness and functional development of the movement.

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Dates Heure de début Heure de fin Studio
10/02/2020 10h 12h Biped
11/02/2020 10h 12h Biped
13/02/2020 10h 12h Biped
14/02/2020 10h 12h Biped