Nunzia Picciallo


Nunzia Picciallo was born in the South of Italy. She is an independent artist in the field of performance and visual arts. She also co-creates the sounds and composition for the musical accompaniment in her own pieces.Nunzia is a graduate of Dance Arts Faculty, Rome. After her graduation, she moved to Israel where she lived for 6 years. In Israel, Nunzia continued her studies at the Batsheva Dance Company Excellence Program, HaSadna, was accepted as a second year student and graduated from Kibbutz Ga’aton Dance, and then shortly after joined LaCollectiZ.

She performed works by Shahar Binyamini, Idan Sharabi, Roni Chadash, Osnat Kelner, Noa Zuk, and worked with Lilach Pnina Livne, Omer Krieger, Alex Mitutziu, Marten Spangberg, YY live art, Edo Ceder, Francesca Fini, Penthouss, amongst others in different venues, festivals, and abroad.

​Nunzia is a core member of Nomad Campus, an educational program for digital nomads. She leads the project’s movement course for a group of non-dancers. In 2019, Nunzia taught a workshop as well for the dance department in the University of Panama, as part of the Prisma dance festival in conjunction with Nomad Campus.

Since 2017, Nunzia has been creating her own works that she performed in different venues in Israel and Europe, and has been teaching movement classes and improvisation.

Nunzia is a certified gaga teacher since 2021. At the moment, she is based in Italy.