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Somatic Resources for Dance, Movement, and Creativity

Hiie Saumaa

20 janvier 17h-19h

Studio Noces

Workshop en anglais, gratuit pour les adhérents individuels de micadanses sur présentation de la carte saison 2019/2020
information auprès de mila@lairarts.com

In this workshop, we will look at the acts of performance and dance making through the tools of somatics, an umbrella term for practices that attend to the body, mind, and the soul of the mover. In the 1920s, the term “somatics” did not exist although practices that attended to mindful movement were starting to develop in the Western world already at the beginning of the twentieth century. The improvisational, somatically aligned dance methods of Isadora Duncan (1877-1927), a figure important also for the dance world in Paris, were revolutionary.

In the twenty first century, somatics is a growing field. What resources does this realm of movement experience and studies offer to dance makers and performers? Can somatics and sensation-based practices help us tap into creativity in new ways? Can they help us envision, create, refine, and complete our projects or become more confident and expressive performers on the stage? Can somatic tools help us broaden and use our imaginations? In this workshop, we will work individually, with partners, and in small or big groups, to try out somatic tools for enhancing creativity and expressivity.