Atelier d'exploration artistique

Nobody’s Business / Nobody’s Dance

Jacquelyn Elder and Liz Santoro

du 12 au 16 nov de 12h à 15h

Studio Noces

Infos and contact :

Nobody’s Business is an open-source platform for the sharing of artistic practices in the Performing Arts. Self organized according to who shows up each day. Come share a practice, participate in other practices, or observe depending on your interests. Feel free to come one day, a few days, or every day.

Nobody’s Business is a format in which professional artists can meet on equal grounds to share our practical tools and knowledge, to inspire and feed each other, to foster the proliferation of information and thereby support each other’s work and the general advancement of the field.

Nobody’s Business has carried out week-long sessions of Nobody’s Dance and Nobody’s Indiscipline (for the sharing of practices across disciplines) in Stockholm, Brussels, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Minneapolis, Santarcangelo, and Oslo.
Now it’s time for Paris!

15 novembre 2018 de 12h à 15h, studio Noces
16 novembre 2018 de 12h à 15h, studio Noces